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An example on hair and scalp after only 4 months and 12 months of use of
Shivax® Dermocil





After 4 Months with Kit Capelli Plus Shivax®
AFTER 12 MONTHS -Zoomed in
After 12 Months with Kit Capelli Plus Shivax®


After you have proved all drugs (cortisone, immunosuppressive, puva and various therapies)

and you have seen that they don't work, you know that Shivax® exists! We are here to help you


Interview RAI in our structure Our Structure in Ireland
Shivax srl
Mi Manda RAI 3 of 16th April 2010
Hair Loss and Alopecia
Photo of 16th April 2010
Photo of 9th October 2011
(after 15 Months)
Before After 2 Months and Half

These Photos belong to Dr. Enzo DI MAIO's identity document considering that he is 57 years old and he is using the

Shivax® Dermocil


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Age of about 57 years old and androgenetic alopecia Degree VI, thus severe in advanced age for the pathology
The most of the hair still present were decolourised (white)

It is noted with considerable evidence both the activation through quiescent stem cells (dormant), and the growth of new hair, and the return to the coloring of the normal hair (black)

In subjects younger likely the effects are much clearer and faster

The Shivax® Dermocil works at any age, both in man and woman


Shivax® Dermocil

Shivax® Dermocil

Food Supplement

60 Capsules
1 capsule 3 times a day

every package lasts 20 days



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The use of the Shivax® Dermocil will be continued for a long time. It has no side effects.

It has a significant antioxidant action, anti-inflammatory, stimulating the immune system and it is 100% natural, will be taken, also for long periods


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Shivax srl


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