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Product Quantity Price per Unit
Shivax Dermocil 60 cps
Shivax® Dermocil
60 capsules Jar
Euro 49,90
Shivax Dermocil Lotion
Shivax® Dermocil Lotion
50ml Bottle
Euro 43,90
Shivax Shampoo Uomo 200ml
Shivax® Shampoo Uomo
250ml Bottle
Euro 19,90
Shivax Shampoo Donna 200ml
Shivax® Shampoo Donna
250ml Bottle
Euro 19,90
Kit Capelli (1Shampoo + 2Dermocil)
Hair Kit Shivax®
Shivax® Shampoo
1 250ml Bottle (Uomo, Donna)
Shivax® Dermocil
2 60 capsules Jars
Euro 119,70
Kit Capelli Plus (1Shampoo + 2Dermocil + 1Dermocil Lotion)
Hair Kit Plus Shivax®
Shivax® Shampoo
1 250ml Bottle (Uomo, Donna)
Shivax® Dermocil
2 60 capsules Jars
Shivax® Dermocil Lotion
1 50ml Bottle
Euro 163,60
Offerta 6 Shivax Dermocil + 1
Special Offer
6 Shivax® Dermocil + 1 Shivax® Dermocil as Gift

60 capsules Jars
Euro 269,40
Offerta 10 Shivax Dermocil + 2
Special Offer
10 Shivax® Dermocil + 2 Shivax® Dermocil as Gifts

60 capsules Jars
Euro 449,00
Offerta 6 Shivax Shampoo + 1
Special Offer
6 Shivax® Shampoo + 1 Shivax® Shampoo as Gift

250ml Bottles (Uomo, Donna)
Euro 119,40
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